Top Tech Trends that will take the World of Technology by storm

by Feb 7, 2022Featured Article, News


One of the most popular tech trends this year, metaverse will narrow the lines between our digital and physical lives. Metaverse is basically a virtual world that uses several technologies to change the way we live our digital lives. This means, virtual and augmented reality can combine with other technologies to give us a world, where our virtual lives would be as important as our physical reality. Users across the world are expected to spend more time with their friends and colleagues in virtual spaces.

Social media giant Facebook is already working towards making metaverse a reality. The company is hopeful that metaverse will serve as a place where you can have official meetings, combined studies, shopping experiences and so on. Before changing its name to Meta, Facebook had already shipped as many as 10 million units of the Quest 2, its VR headset. Metaverse will allow people to have their own digital avatars Tech giants like Apple and Google are also working on developing virtual reality products.


After El Salvador became the first country to announce bitcoins as a legal tender in 2021, blockchain technology has reached new heights of popularity. From nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to cryptocurrency, blockchain is here to stay. The technology would be used by industries like insurance, logistics, banking, and health, to name a few.

According to Thomson Reuters, cryptocurrency is taking a leap from the finance sector to the mainstream world. Interestingly, the central banks of countries like Canada and Sweden are contemplating introducing their own digital currencies soon. More investors are expected to invest in nonfungible tokens using cryptocurrency.

Smart homes

The pandemic has changed our relationship with our homes. It has brought us closer to our homes, which also serve as our workspaces now. No wonder, the concept of smart homes will be big in 2022. The year will see a boom in the popularity of smart products. Tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung are also working towards developing a common standard for all our smart devices and improving the smart home experience. This would make sure that the new smart products are compatible with the ones we have already been using at our homes. The companies are working on creating a new standard, called Matter, which will allow smart home devices to connect with each other, regardless of the brand.

Electric cars

Electric vehicles will continue to evolve and get better this year. The last year saw a steep surge in the demand for hybrid and electric cars the world over. Leading E-vehicle company Tesla shipped a whooping one million cars across the globe in 2021. Even though the future of electric cars looks promising, the lack of charging spaces and shortage of electronic chips could be some of the challenges for companies. After US President Joe Biden said that almost half of the vehicles sold in the US will be electric by 2030, leading automakers are working hard towards improving their electric cars.

Fitness Gadgets

The pandemic has also made us more mindful of our health. People are now inclined towards leading healthier lives and boosting their immune systems. Fitness gadgets will continue to attract health freaks across the world. Tech companies like Fitbit and Oura are working on health devices, which will provide accurate data about our health. They are also trying to make the devices smaller in size.

For instance, health-tech company Oura has come up with a ring, that features embedded sensors to track body temperature and other important data. The ring will also predict menstruation cycles. At the recently held tech trade show CES, a start-up called Movano, showcased a similar device, that compiles data about heart rate, temperature, and other vital stats, that will inform the user about the risk of potential chronic diseases.

Foldable Monitors

Monitors have become an inseparable part of our lives now. People who work from home or other locations have become more dependent on monitors for work. In 2022, display screens of smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and laptops are expected to become more flexible. Technologies like OLED, which make it possible for users to fold or bend their screens for their convenience, will go big in 2022. Analysts have predicted that the flexible screen market would grow by 500 percent over the next five years, making it one of the top tech trends to check out!

Gaming Gets Better

And finally, gamers across the world could expect some major changes in their gaming experience. Experts say that 2022 will introduce gamers to improved and immersive experiences. You can expect more portable displays and new operating systems that will not only be affordable but also change the gaming experience. Thanks to advancements in connectivity, gamers will be able to immerse themselves in a more realistic kind of gaming. They will even be able to replicate physical movements with the characters in the game, using headsets. What if you could play cricket, without actually being present in a cricket stadium? Thanks to the metaverse, gamers will get a one-of-its-kind gaming experience this year.