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Salefull’s Virtual Assistant Services is a Philippine-based VA company with a variety of clients across Asia.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is still a relatively new term in today’s business world, but its expertise is rapidly being shaped. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using VAs and appreciate the advantages of being able to delegate tasks out to an individual who is already trained and experienced, flexible, and will only charge for the work done and time taken.

Finding the right service for your business can be a breeze with the many different skills in virtual assistant services. Most importantly, VAs are credited with granting greater levels of productivity to businesses, because they are typically best used for delegating the more tedious tasks, checking emails, organizing schedules and events, looking for candidates for an international internship, making internet research and setting up company meetings.

  • Receptionist and answering service – handle incoming phone calls, leave voicemails, and check messages.
  • HR support – This is particularly relevant for recruitment and employee management.
  • Minute taking – Platforms like Microsoft Teams ,Zoom, and Google meet, Skype, and any conferencing software that will allow a virtual assistant to join the meeting and take accurate minutes.
  • Appointment Setting/Calendar Management – If you constantly need to meet with clientsand vendors, or organize meetings with colleagues and partners, chances are that you are spending several hours a week just on appointment scheduling. To eliminate this time loss, you need a virtual assistant for appointment scheduling.
  • Event Management – When a client wants to host a small conference, workshop, or team event for their employees, many companies need someone to manage and plan the event. As a virtual assistant, you may be asked to find sponsors, secure a venue, arrange guest accommodations, promote the event, and arrange catering.
  • Business Travel Management – If your clients travel a lot for business or pleasure, they may need a personal travel assistant to take the logistical burden off their to-do list such as: research the best options for additional costs such as airfare and baggage; research the best options for car rentals and hotels; create travel schedules for specific itineraries for budgeting purposes; find out where to hold client meetings at your destination; research local attractions and book guided tours and etc.
  • Data Entry Service – We effectively handle a lot of customer data and information, most of which is confidential or personal. We keep our clients’ file systems in order and continue to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information. We enter, process ,and manage data from a variety of sources into the firm’s computer systems.

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