Japan likely to provide relief supplies to Ukraine

by Mar 4, 2022Featured Article, News

The Japanese government is arranging to provide relief supplies to people in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.
It is considering sending the supplies using a government plane.

As a gesture of unity with Ukraine, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio hopes to deliver emergency humanitarian assistance worth 100 million dollars in cooperation with international agencies.

Kishida told a news conference on Thursday that offering financial aid is important, but sending goods is also an option.

He said the government will assess the situation in Ukraine when considering what sort of humanitarian support to provide, such as medicine.

The first batch of supplies will likely contain goods owned by the Self-Defense Forces, including emergency food, hygiene products and warm clothing.

The government is also studying whether it can send bullet-proof vests.

It is considering delivering the supplies to Ukraine’s neighbor Poland using an SDF-operated plane.

Cabinet ministers are expected to finalize the plan soon.